Welcome to Musical Breviary

liturgy of the hours, divine office, gregorian chant, breviaryWelcome to Musical Breviary, a  website that incorporates into the texts and prayers of the daily office MP3 recordings of selected chants.

To use this website,  select the date and office above. When you reach the psalm or canticle, click the audio player button and listen to the chant while you pray the text.

We hope that listening to the chanted psalms and canticles will enrich your praying of the Divine Office.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Musical Breviary

  1. FRAN WANG says:

    It’s long time no update, I hope everything is going well. God bless!

    • Sorry. For a while I was extremely busy and could not attend to this website. Then I got sick. I’m hoping to start it back up in a few months. I want to make a lot of changes and refinements, but I have not had the time that I need. In the interim, why don’t you try out http://www.singthehours.org. It’s a similar website. The guy who does it must have a lot more time than I do. I would share come criticisms as well, but there would be no point in that. I could share criticisms of my own work as well. The problem is lack of time. I’ll notify you when I’m back up and running. In the interim, keep on praying. Ted

      • FRAN WANG says:

        Hi, thanks for your reply and share the website! I’ll pray for you and hope you get back to good health!

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